Maria Gmitro, BCPA , President & Cofounder


Press Releases
PRESS RELEASE: BISA Signs onto Stakeholder Letter Regarding FDA MDUDA Negotiations (February 22, 2022) 

PRESS RELEASE: New Board Members Elected for BISA - Breast Implant Safety Alliance
(February 2, 2022)

Media Coverage
ABC NEWS4 WCIV CHARLESTON: Safety Speedbump': Lowcountry breast implant advocate says new FDA warnings not enough (November 2021)
WEBMD HEALTH NEWS: FDA Issues Stronger Safety Requirements for Breast Implants (October 2021) 
MEDSCAPE: FDA Issues Stronger Safety Requirements for Breast Implants (October 2021)
CONSUMER EDUCATION COUNCIL: FDA Orders 'Black Box' Warnings for Breast Implants (October 2021)
CBC NEWS TORONTO: Patients out thousands in deposits to Ontario plastic surgeon who they say disappeared (October 2021)
BITCH MEDIA: Stacked Deck: The True Costs of Breast Implants (August 2021)

THE BROCKOVICH REPORT: They're Called Boobs Ed (June 2021)
TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: EXplant Documentary (June 2021) 

MEDTRUTH: Breast Implant Illness: Groundbreaking Summit Informs and Educates (January 2021)
GPD NEWS: Studies Show Breast Implants Make Women Sick, But Industry Wants More Proof (October 2020) 
MEDTRUTH: Is It Time to Recognize Breast Implant Illness as a Medical Condition? (October 2020) 

GUIDEMARK HEALTH: A Call to Action During Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October 2020)
3TV/CBS 5 PHOENIX: Study finds removing breast implants improved symptoms: FDA recommends new warnings for breast implants (October 2020) 
ICIJ: Patient advocates push US states to mandate breast implant warnings (September 2020)

MEDTRUTH: PSA: Why Adverse Event Reporting Matters (June 2020)

FORTUNE: ‘The killed her’: Why are breast implants still putting millions of women at risk? (May 2020)
MEDTRUTH: A Recap on Breast Implant Safety From ‘Plastic Surgery: The Meeting’ (November 2019) 
REALSELF: Breast Implant Illness Patients Are Demanding a Say in How Their Implants Are Removed—But Is Their Technique of Choice Too Risky? (November 2019) 
ASPS PLASTIC SURGERY NEWS EXTRA: Society leadership discusses breast implant concerns with patients (October  2019) 
SAN DIEGO KUSI NEWS: Breast Implant Safety Alliance will be sharing stories today at Old Word Piazza in Little Italy (September 2019) 
CENTER4RESEARCH: Breast Implant Information Project: The Breast Implant Working Group’s Breast Implant Black Box Warning and Patient Checklist (July 2019)

ABC NEWS 4 WCIV CHARLESTON: Local Advocate Says Breast Implant Recall Promising Sign (July 2019)

MEDTRUTH: 14 Patient Advocates Travelled to D.C. - Here’s Why (June 2019) 
NEW YORK MAGAZINE: THE CUT: My Breast Implants Made Me Sick (May 2019)
INSIDE EDITION: Women Band Together to Ban Certain Types of Breast Implants (March 2019)
NEW YORK POST: How breast implants have destroyed women’s health: “It felt like I was poisoned.” (March 2019)


iHEART RADIO: Close to the Chest: The FDA and Lawsuits (November 2021)
PATIENTS RISING PODCAST: Patient Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill (November 2021)
INJURED SENIOR PODCAST: Senior Health: Breast Implant Illness with Maria Gmitro (May 2021)